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Category: Google Apps Script

Free Web-Based Paging System with Google Apps Script and Hangouts Chat


In essence, it’s a doorbell. But one that can reach you wherever you are. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, hopefully this GIF makes up for the lack of a proper written introduction.


I wanted to build a simple push button for our student helpdesk so that if we ever had to step away students could page us. I decided on Google Hangouts for the message delivery platform since I use it every day and the app is already installed on all of my devices.


All you need to get started is:

That’s it! If you’ve got those things, and a few minutes to spare, click through to get this setup!

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Automatically Include Your Latest Tweet in Your Gmail Signature

Down below you’ll find a bit of code I wrote to have Google Apps Script automatically get my latest tweet and include it in my Gmail signature. Is this necessary? No. Is it kind of cool and will it make your friends jealous? You tell me.

First, a shout-out to Wesley Chun (@wescpy) for the inspiration. And to Martin Hawksey (@mhawksey) for his wonderful TwtrService which made working with Twitter’s API a breeze. Let’s get started.

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